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Hey, Jane here.

If you’re considering purchasing The Dirty Talk Handbook (aka Dirty Talk Tips) by Evan Michaels & Jess Summers and you’re looking for an honest review, you’ve come to the right place.

First and foremost, I want to be clear that I will be giving you an unrestricted, unbiased review of Evan’s & Jess’s book on how to talk dirty.

YES I have purchased this book and YES I use the suggested material in my sex life.

This is a review site:  Click Here to Visit the Official Website for Evan Michael’s Dirty Talk Handbook


Why I Bought This Book

My boyfriend likes it when I talk dirty to him in bed and I wanted to expand my dirty talk repertoire beyond what I could come up with on my own. After all, saying the same dirty things in bed more than a couple times and they get pretty old.

I started by searching on the internet for some dirty talk tips and I stumbled across the Dirty Talk Tips guide.  (You probably found it the same way).  The site looked clean, well put together, and although it seemed a little bit “hype-y”, it looked like it could be fun so  I figured “what the heck” and ordered myself a copy.

I’ll give you my real-life before-and-after experience in a sec, first let me tell you exactly what Dirty Talk Tips is all about…


So what exactly is Evan Michael’s “Dirty Talk Tips” handbook?

First thing you should know is that there are two versions of this book – one is intended for men and the other is intended for women. I am a woman and I got the version written for women.

The Dirty Talk Tips guide (aka “The Dirty Talk Handbook”) is 93 pages long and fun to read. The first couple chapters give you some guidelines for talking dirty, like who to do it with, how to get started, etc. and then it shows you some cool tricks to learn what kind of dirty talk your man likes best (without just asking him… which would be boring).

Then it starts getting pretty sizzling from there…

My favorite part of the book is from about page 30 to about page 55. This is the part that gives you tons of dirty talk examples you can use in foreplay, during sex,  when you’re apart from one another and for “any time any place”.

One thing I liked about this part was that all the examples are categorized into 3 columns:

1 – The Good Girl Way
2 – Turning Up The Heat A Little
3 – You’re A Very Dirty Girl

Essentially these three columns give you three ways of saying the same kind of thing, but on a different level of dirtiness.

I’ll give you an example from the Foreplay section:

(1) – “Stand right there… I’m going to slowly undress you.. and then kiss you all over.”

(2) – “Get naked right now so I can see my hands over your hot body…”

(3) – “I want you butt naked so I can #@%$ you exactly how I want to!”

LOL! I love it. Some of these examples are so hot and so nasty that I tried to pick one of the tamer ones for this review!

I loved reading this section, it got pretty wild! I literally gasped when I read some of the steamy examples in this section and I got really excited to try them out.

Other things you’ll learn in the book are things like the proper ways of asking and answering questions in the bed room to get the best response, how to leave him wanting more and tons of other things like that. Too many to mention.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website for Evan Michael’s Dirty Talk Handbook

My Personal “Before-and-After” Experience

I’m happy to say that I got pretty much exactly what I wanted out of Dirty Talk Tips and more. Personally, the biggest benefit I got out of it was not running out of things to say when I was dirty talking with my boyfriend.

Before I read this book and I tried talking dirty to my boyrfriend, I know I was pretty good at it because he would respond well to it… I knew he liked it and I wanted to do it well for him… BUT I always ran out of material!! That was the biggest problem!

He would really get going after I said a few dirty things to him… but in less than 30 seconds I would always run out of things to say.

That was always a major buzz-kill.

But after reading this book and putting it into practice in my sex life, I can honestly say that it helped a lot and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking to “spice up their sex life” just like the sales letter says on Evan’s website.

Here’s what I got out of this book:

1) Never run out of things to say (This was the #1 thing I got out of it)

2) Getting him to respond well and talking dirty back to me

3) Some of the tiny little one-sentence or one-paragraph tips were REALLY useful (I think it would be unfair to the author to give away these little gems in my review)

4) Just getting excited about something new for both of us!


Overall, What Do I Think?

If you sort of skipped through my article and didn’t read everything above, I’ve added this quick little summary for you.

Dirty Talk Tips promises to spice up your sex life and it really does. I know I was good at dirty talk before I got this guide, but I ALWAYS used to run out of things to say.

After reading Dirty Talk Tips I found I always had something to say, things got hotter than ever in the bedroom, and any time I felt like I needed a refresher I just consulted the guide.

I definitely suggest Dirty Talk Tips!

Hope that helps,



Click Here to Visit the Official Website for Evan Michael’s Dirty Talk Handbook

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