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(If you arrived at this page looking for a review of  Evan Michael’s Dirty Talk Handbook please click here.)

Sex is great. Sex is amazing. Sex is very exciting….. until it becomes routine. What can you do to spice things up when they’ve gone stale? How can you re-ignite the passion and the mystery that you experience a long time ago when you were just discovering your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here are some useful pointers that will help you out.

You don’t always have to try to make things different from the last time, but don’t get in the habit of doing the same things all the time. Educate yourself. Read some books. Learn to talk dirty. Learn how to talk dirty again.

Here are some easy tips for spicing things up. Ready to step out of your comfort zone? :)

Get “Flirty and Dirty” at a Restaurant

Before you go out for dinner, write a sexy, suggestive note on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. Write your partner’s first and last name on it. When you get to the restaurant, hand it off to the waiter and ask him to give it to your partner during the meal (he won’t know what it says and don’t tell him, obviously.. just say it’s a “game” or a “joke” you’re playing on your partner.) As your surprised partner opens up the letter and reads it to himself/herself, observe her reaction. The rest is up to you.

Getting Dirty with Fruit

Get a mango, orange (or whatever else) and heat it up in the microwave just a little. Slice it up and rub it all over your partner, then lick it off.  Add some good dirty talk to heat things up even more.  Repeat.

Champagne in the bellybutton

There’s literally no end to what you can do with food and drink. Lay down a towel or blanket and get your lover to lie on it. Pour champagne on her belly button and see if you can lick it up before it falls off her body.

Playing Make Believe

Write down the names of famous historical partners and put them in a hat. Pick one out of the hat at random and have sex the way you think these two would have sex. Good examples are Anthony & Cleopatra, Superman & Lois Lane, Popeye & Olive Oil, etc.. This game can be super sexy and super goody, but it’s a LOT of fun, especially if you talk dirty in a way that you think your character would! :)


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